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1986 Silver Eagle - Proof - San Francisco Mint (The 1st)

This is the 1st Eagle of the American Silver Eagle Series started in 1986. This coin was minted at the San Francisco Mint. It is made from one ounce of .9993 pure American Silver, and is 40.6 mm in diameter. Proof coins are made from highly polished dies. They are hand fed into a coinage press one at a time, with each blank receiving two or more strikes from the dies to bring up sharp high-relief details. This Silver Eagle is in its Original Government Packaging (OGP). Get yours today!


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The Vibrant Mystique of Alain Richard

Born in 1933, with a career spanning more than half a century, French painter Alain Richard is known for his expressionist body of work at a time when his contemporaries were experimenting in figurative representations, pop art, and hyperrealism. Richard’s work is often compared to the precursory Die Brücke movement due to the expression of authentic emotion through heightened color and simplified forms. However, Richard’s highly recognizable body of work creates its own sublime expression so distinct that one might easily surpass categorizing his work into a particular genre in favor of saying, “It is Richard.”

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